Written & Pictures by: “The King of Merch Style” Dave Pinnick

Welcome to the first ever “Buying What You’re Selling”. I will post one after any show the boys & I go to. Each article will have a variety of topics, but all from that specific show.

Here are 3 things that will be in every BWYS:

  • My opinion on each match. I will be honest. My goal is to help fans find out more about wrestlers/promotions they have not have visited, and let regular fans see what I think about shows/matches.
  •  Pictures of all merchandise sold at the show. Of course I may miss something, but I will do my best to help these wrestlers/promotions to sell their merch.
  •  1 featured wrestler or promotion’s merch. I will give details on the wrestler/promotion, and try to give a little background on them.

A little about myself before I start. I have been a wrestling fan my entire life. My grandpa took me to CWA Wrestling some Tuesdays at Louisville Gardens. I was hooked from the beginning. Jerry Lawler, The Fabulous Ones, Billy Travis, Brickhouse Brown, PG-13, Dutch Mantell, Soul Train Jones, and most importantly Jeff Jarrett started my deep love for the sport of Professional Wrestling. I watched WWF/E, WCW, and even TNA kept me watching. Around ’07 pro wrestling was at it’s worst for me. I’m not a Cena fan and I got bored with the product. I eventually stopped. Around 2014, I was looking for something I could do to bond with my sons Silas(Silo) & Logan. We started watching WWE, then we began hitting indie shows. We went to Indie shows anywhere we could. Regardless of distance. The 3 of us don’t watch WWE much, as we aren’t really into the product at the moment. We have continued our love for wrestling through live Indie wrestling.

Throughout the last year, we have mainly went to IWA Mid-South, as well as Prodigy/Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Freedom. PPW & PWF both run out The ArenA in Jeffersonville, IN. PWF runs weekly, while PPW runs once a month. You have probably heard of IWA, because of it’s great wrestling history. Many wrestlers from IWA have went on to be major stars in the industry, such as CM Punk, Seth Rollins, etc. My boys are as passionate as I am about wrestling. We love seeing other regular fans almost as much as the wrestling. As for ” King of Merch Style”, it’s pretty straight forward. I buy a ton of merch, and try to support these promotions & wrestlers as much as possible. These guys go out and put their body on the line. I believe in respecting the wrestlers(that show fans respect), and the promotions who put on these shows. Here are my favorite wrestlers through the years, chronologically as much as I can:
Jeff Jarrett, The Fabulous Ones, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Edge & Christian, AJ Styles(Even the TNA Days), The New Day, Adam Cole, Kevin Owens, Jonathan Gresham, Mance Warner, Anthony Henry, and The Gymnasty Boys.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to what you’ll see normally in BWYS. My goal in this is to give back to wrestling. I want you to support these promotions or wrestlers by buying their merch. I know you work hard for your money, and some can afford more than others. I’m not asking you to overspend. If you are thinking about buying a shirt somewhere, maybe buy it directly from a wrestler. Instead of going to some major company, it is going straight to a person or promoter’s pocket. It helps so much more than you realize.

The Boys and I on our way…


Note: Each match will have “Buying”, “Selling, “Undecided”, or “Match of the Night”. Buying is a match I love.

Logan James vs Myron Reed vs Eddy Only vs Trey Miguel
This was a prototypical opener. Lots of fast paced action, and it fired up the crowd. I liked that it was pretty much the opposite of Strong Style, before going into the tournament. Opportunity in the Box holder Myron Reed got the win: Buying


IWA Mid-South: Revolution Strong Style Tournament


Match #2
RSST Round 1
Kevin Lee Davidson vs “The Lost Rebel” Bad Bones
Bad Bones got the win with a middle rope Codebreaker after a semi-short hard hitting match. It was a solid match. Bad Bones & KLD are very talented guys, but this match was my least favorite of the show. The show was great, so the bar was really high. On a normal show, It would have been mid-pack. Bad Bones advanced: Selling

Match #3
RSST Round 1
“Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay vs Reed “By God” Bentley
This was the 2nd time I’ve seen this matchup in the last few months. I ended up comparing them during the match, which I think is just human nature. I enjoyed the match, but the first match was better. They traded a lot of stiff blows. There was a sick Death Valley Driver spot on the apron, which they did in the other match as well. The first time I saw it, I went nuts. This was still a good match, I just don’t think it compared to the 1st one. Gary Jay won the match a diving forearm to the back of Bentley’s head. Gary Jay advanced: Undecided

Match #4
RSST Round 1
Eddie Kingston vs “Southern Psycho” Mance Warner
Just like Gary Jay vs Reed Bentley, this is the 2nd time I have seen this matchup. The first was IWA’s anniversary show last year. Unlike Jay/Bentley though, this match was better than the 1st. This was one of my two favorite matches on the show. Mance was great. Most of you know how big of a fan, but Eddie was so good in this match. His facials tell such a story. Both men hit their finisher early in this match, but Mance got him later with a left-handed Lariat out of nowhere. Eddie really worked Mance’s right arm in this match, really hurting his chances in this tournament. On 98% of shows, this would be the best match. I think it was 2nd on this show though. Mance Advanced: Buying



Match #5
RSST Round 1
“King of Bros” Matt Riddle vs “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams
This was, in my opinion, the best match of the night. Riddle & BMA made magic together. This is a story of 2 guys who just fit each other. BMA goes out 1st round here, but left all the fans wanting more. The crowd seemed tired before, but Riddle/BMA woke them up. Words can’t tell you how good this match is. You need to buy this show and watch this match. Go right here. The RSST DVD, Blu-Ray, and MP4 are available. Riddle got the win after he slammed BMA from the middle rope into a ground abdominal stretch variation, while striking BMA’s abdomen. BMA tapped. It was an insane finish. Riddle Advanced: Buying(Match of the Night)



We had the first intermission after that instant classic of a match. There wasn’t a lot of merch action during this break. Riddle didn’t have anything with him, Gary Jay is currently out of shirts, Mance had some shirts 2nd intermission, Eddie usually doesn’t bring T’s (We’ve bought them at PWT), BMA didn’t have anything out, Bad Bones had a nice setup (Silas got a shirt later), Kimber Lee had some stuff out, KLD had some shirts, Bentley had nothing, Shotzi didn’t bring anything, and we didn’t see any Gage, Larry D, Trey Miguel, Myron Reed, or Logan James merch. It was surprising with a show this loaded, but there was still plenty of merch to be had. IWA has a great spread of DVD’s/Blu-Rays, T-shirts, Buttons, KOTDM Signed posters, as well as JC had some pics, shirts, and buttons. Plenty of great merch to be had. I have some great pics of IWA’s merch at the end of this write-up. Back to the wrestling.

Match #6
IWA Women’s Championship Match
Kimber Lee vs “Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart
I am a fan of Shotzi, but this match fell a little flat for me. This could be because they followed a match that will rival any great match I see all year. Shotzi & Kimber had a solid, it just didn’t match up with a lot of the matches on this card. Shotzi’s energy and hard hitting moves, including a sweet cannonball will make her bounce back. It was my first Kimber Lee match. Like i said about the match. Kimber didn’t have a bad match, it just wasn’t a match that would make me excited to see her again. I hope to see both of these ladies again soon. Ballsy retained with a submission: Selling


Match #7
RSST Semi-Finals
“The Lost Rebel” Bad Bones vs “Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay
Bad Bones & Gary Jay tear it up. This match sold a shirt for Bad Bones. He & Gary Jay were all over the place, and beat the hell out of each other. Both men really tore it up out here. Gary Jay is one of my favorites, so I was chanting pretty loud during this match. Bad Bones left me wanting to see him more though. Gary Jay got the win after a great match. After the match, the crowd showed a ton of love for Bad Bones. Gary Jay got the win, with a double stomp and diving forearm. Gary Jay Advanced: Buying

Match #8
RSST Semi-Finals
“King of Bros” Matt Riddle vs “Southern Psycho” Mance Warner
We saw this match for the IWA title a few months back, so this was Round 2. The first time they fought it had a big storyline with this huge Indie star Matt Riddle coming in, and Mance giving him a title shot. Ian didn’t want to see another big star take his title and leave the area. Mance won the first time after a badass match. Mance was hobbled a lot by the match with Eddie. Eddie really took a lot out of him, and worked his right arm. Even hobbled, Mance & Riddle tore it up. I went into this match, assuming Riddle would win, but they got me a few time with false finishes. The match was split as much as it could be in a Mance Warner IWA match. I’ll see this about Riddle, it is hard not to like him. In the end, Riddle got the tapout with the same submission. Riddle Advanced: Buying


Semi Main-Event
RSST Finals
“Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay vs “King of Bros” Matt Riddle
Both men looked exhausted. This was a short match. Gary Jay & Riddle made good of their short time, but it was still a bit short for my blood. I would have liked to see them go a little longer, but I get that they are beat up after some seriously hard hitting matches tonight. Both men still got some serious licks in, and I’m still glad I got to see Gary Jay make the finals. Riddle got the win with his ground abdominal stretch submission. Riddle is the 2018 Revolution Strong Style Champion, and he earned it: Buying(Even with the short time limit, Both men fought hard all night)


2018 Revolution Strong Style Champion
“The King of Bros” Matt Riddle

After the match, Ian invited Gary Jay to TPI ’18 and Riddle joined TPI ’18. That card is shaping up to be ridiculous, it is going to be hard to top last year.

Main Event
IWA World Championship Match
“Legendary” Larry D vs “The Man” Nick Gage
They come out hot, and Gage takes a ton of thumbtacks to the head that were glued to a plastic baseball bat. I really thought Larry was winning the World Title, so I was shocked to see Gage get the win. Both men got a ton of hard hits in, including this.


Gage is a beast. The man is very deserving of the world title. He got the win over Larry D with a Piledriver. Buying

As he laid on the ground bleeding, Myron Reed’s entrance music played. Crowd was going nuts, waiting on him to cash in. He got in the ring, and Gage popped up and asked Reed if he fucking wants some and Reed left. Very funny, but then Riddle came out and Ian set up a match for July 12th. A can’t miss show with the King of Bros vs Nick Gage. All in all a great show. Nick Gage Retains the World Title.



Merch of The Night
IWA’s vast collection of Merch
You can find a ton of DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, & MP4’s from IWA shows at Smart Mark Video.  If you would rather buy in person, you can always find a ton of great IWA Merch at their shows. If you’ve been to IWA-MS, then you know just about every show is top notch. You can’t go wrong buying some DVD’s and watching past shows. There is usually a deal at the shows, so come buy some merch and see a great show.

iwamerc1  dvds  dvds2


Merch Pics

bones  bones2



Well, until next time guys. Hope you enjoyed the write-up. We’ll see you at the next show. If you liked it, let me know on Twitter .

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