October 22, 1995

Winnipeg, Canada

Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross

This is the last In Your House before Survivor Series, and features some big events in WWF history. Shawn Michaels had met up with somewhere between 1 and 47 Marines before this show and has to forfeit the Intercontinental Championship. Dean Douglas would make his first defense on this night. Also of a note, a match that insulted Vince so much that the WWF stopped running on Diesel Power the very next show.

So long Diesel pic…we hardly knew you.


  • Gorilla Monsoon announces that Shawn would have to forfeit the title to Shane…er…Dean and he then would have to defend against Razor.


Match 1: Single

Fatu vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Notes and Opinion: Fatu comes out rocking a BSK toboggan and is dead in the middle of his “Making a Difference” phase. For his part the future HHH was in beta phase of his character and generally just bored me to tears. This wasn’t awful and I’m sure most of the pre-match planning was based around running down Steve Austin in a few years. Fatu did hit a sweet RKO way out of nowhere though.

Winner: HHH won with the Pedigree. It would have been even more effective if he had kicked him in the gut first though.

  • Lawler interviews HHH after the match. I forgot the awful accent he used to try. It’s really bad. Henry Godwinn interrupts and tries to slop the future Game but couldn’t catch him.
  • Dok is back with the Bulldog and Cornette to discuss the WWF title match for later. Cornette is an insane person.
  • Razor and the Kid are on the same page. Sure.


Match 2: WWF Tag Team Championships

(C) The Smoking Gunns vs 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon

Notes and Opinion: The crowd was on the side of Razor pretty heavily. Both teams were bending the rules a bit which I thought added to the match. If it’s not worth breaking a rule or two is it worth it? In the end though the Kid being a pompous ass for the last several months rears it’s ugly head again and cost his team the belts.

Winner: Billy pinned the Kid after Kid demanded the tag off a Razor’s Edge. Once crucifix pin later and it was over.

  • Kid loses it after the match and freaks out on Razor and attacks the Gunns. Razor finally calms him down.
  • Dok is backstage with cardboard cutouts of Bret and Shawn. He’s kinda creepy folks.
  • Goldust is here.


Match 3: Single

Marty Jannetty vs Goldust

Notes and Opinion: This was the debut of Goldust, and other than his entrance I have no idea how he got over. They gave Marty way too much offense and Goldust was in the slow plodding version of his character. I’m glad they finally got the bugs worked out on this because it became great but this match was boring garbage.

Winner: Goldust got the win with a Gourdbuster.

  • Hey! The Kid and Smoking Gunns are on the Superstar line! I’m sure that is riveting.
  • We get a recap of The Undertaker getting killed by team Beefie.
  • Cornette is not happy about the next match.


Match 4: Single

King Mabel with Mo vs Yokozuna with Cornette and Fuji

Notes and Opinion: The real highlight of this match was seeing a very young Rhyno being one of the unlucky suckers carrying Mabel to the ring. If you like two big fat bastards running into each other for a few minutes then this is your cup of tea. If not then watch it just to hear the pop Yoko gets, it’s pretty cool.

Winner: Both men are counted out after some shenanigans. Also, Yoko lands on poor Jimmy.

  • After the match the two men have an intense stare down that ends with a less intense hug.
  • We get a Survivor Series commercial featuring the return of the Undertaker and the Bret vs Diesel showdown.
  • Vince and JR try to explain the “Wild Card” match while King makes shitty puns.
  • We get the forfeit of the Intercontinental Title from Shawn Michaels to Dean Douglas. Michaels acts like this is the first time he’s ever just given away a belt, not the first, not the last. Those Marines whipped that boys ass though. He looks like shit. Douglas played it up perfectly by putting the belt on in Shawn’s face and celebrating like he won the Super Bowl. What a dick. Hope he enjoyed it.


Match 5: Intercontinental Championship

(C) Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon

Notes and Opinion: Wow, they made dean look like a complete bitch in this one. The first like 5 minutes were a Razor armbar and nothing from the new champ. Even when he started to get offense later in the match it was treated as a fluke because Razor was tired from his match earlier. Glorified squash of the Dean that kinda murdered his character. Razor got to make history for the 4th time and Dean got to look like shit.

Winner: Razor got the pin off a lazy back suplex. It was the laziest shit ever and Dean’s feet were under the ropes, I guess to “protect” him. Didn’t work. NEW CHAMPION!

  • Shawn looks sad on the Superstar line.
  • Bret joins commentary and runs King and his AMAZING mullet off.
  • Dok pimps the ugliest “Dudes with Attitudes” t-shirt I’ve ever seen. Awful looking thing. I’m glad Austin and the nWo changed the game for wrestling shirts.
  • Dok then bothers Diesel before he hits the ring. Apparently Diesel is feeling “funky”.


Match 6: WWF Championship

British Bulldog with James E. Cornette vs (C) Diesel

Notes and Opinion: I’ve read in several places (including Bret’s Book) that this match was so awful that it single handedly ended Diesel’s championship reign. I didn’t think it was that historically bad or anything, just boring as hell. To be honest, Bret on commentary was worse than the match. Diesel gets a lot of crap for his championship reign but the fact is he didn’t have a lot to work with. You get multiple matches with Sid and a Mabel feud on your resume it’s pretty hard to look like a world class worker. Kinda sad that the Big Daddy Cool picture won’t be leading us off next In Your House, but it is what it is.

Winner: Bulldog got the win by DQ after he shoved Bret who retaliated.

  • Big pull apart brawl between Bret and Diesel to end the show.


Overall Thoughts: Well it was certainly historical. Goldust debuted, Shawn had to forfeit a belt and Diesel’s reign was put in jeopardy. Was it a good show? God no. It does have some history to be seen though so check it out once.




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