The official word came out yesterday afternoon… and now there is a twist.

Directly from Ian Rotten


We just received a call with great news.

There will be a new owner of the Memphis Trading Post as of July 1st, and he has agreed to allow us to run shows the way we have been, we just can’t run our last show for the month of June.

We are happy to announce that all shows in July are BACK ON. Please help spread the word!”


Which is great news all around. Glad they have it worked out.



Here was the original post…


This statement was released on the Official IWA Mid-South Twitter account.


Issues with the building owners have seemingly left the company in a bad situation for the foreseeable future causing multiple shows to be either cancelled or put in future jeopardy.

Tonight’s “Egg Suckin Dog Days of Summer”, the all Women’s Show “Hit Me With Your Best Shot (7/5), Guardians of Hardcore 2 (7/6) and “So You Wanna Be a Deathmatch Star” have all been removed from the calendar.

Not positive if this will affect upcoming shows like the Ted Petty Invitational as of yet. 

When we get further updates on the situation there will be an update posted, at the moment this is all we have.


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