I’ve decided to stop doing full recaps of the WWE shows. There are two reasons for this, first, I get busy and can’t do these all the time. Number 2, it’s my website and since I don’t actually make any money this is just easier. There we go. I’m sure I will be just as sarcastic as normal but this time it won’t be spread out over 2 days.



Raw General Manager Kurt Angle cancelled the multi-man match to determine Brock Lesnar’s next challenger

I love Brock. I really do but this entire deal is ridiculous. I’ve always hated the “we follow the rules except when we don’t and fans take this too seriously” crap. Brock will be important whether he has the belt or not. The guy should be the new Undertaker. Have him come in and kill fools a couple times a year, just without the belt. Plus Roman and Bobby are dying out there.


The Revival defeated Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley

They should have. They are a tag team. Two stars that aren’t getting along should never beat a world class team. I know WWE doesn’t like telling that story but it’s the only one that makes fucking sense. Good for the Revival, they deserve better. 


Curtis Axel defeated Raw Tag Team Champion “Woken” Matt Hardy

This feud isn’t really doing it for me, but at least Axel is getting a singles win out of the deal. I’m not sure the B-Team are the answer for the future of the tag division though.



The Authors of Pain defeated Rich & Rex Gibson

I love and miss squash matches so much. Authors look like murderers and that’s the way it should be.



Natalya defeated Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss

I don’t like the champ losing non-title matches but WWE does it twice a month. I also don’t like Natalya beating anyone. Ever. 



The Riott Squad defeated Sasha Banks, Bayley & Ember Moon

FINALLY. I appreciate how good Sasha has been but I hope Bayley fucking destroys her every week. It’s ridiculous that they have stretched this out for so long. The pop Bayley got was incredible and I don’t think that her going to fucking THERAPY is the way to follow it up.


Mojo Rawley refused a rematch with No Way Jose

Who cares? I do like intense Mojo though.



Braun Strowman & Kevin Owens defeated Finn Bálor & Baron Corbin via Count-out


Seth Rollins defeated Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler via Disqualification

AWESOME. I don’t care about the garbage finish. This was a good wrestling match. I’m even down for the SHIELD vs D&D. I approve of this madness.



An Idiot’s Opinion: Raw was fine, it had a few bright spots. Other than the Bayley therapy setup and Natty winning I didn’t hate anything. 




The Bludgeon Brothers and Daniel Bryan got into it on “Miz TV”

The Bludgeon Brothers are doing alright for themselves at the moment and anything that Miz and or Daniel touches is automatically better. This wasn’t a bad segment and planted a ton of seeds.



Rusev defeated Xavier Woods

This was made all the more hilarious by the tweets from Rusev this week about Woods. Rusev needed a strong win and Woods will be fine. This was alright.



Lana and Naomi met the cast of Netflix’s GLOW

Allison Brie is amazing. Also where was Kharma during this…


United States Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young ended in a disqualification

This was thrown together at the last minute and seemed like it. It served it’s purpose by getting us to the next match. 



Jeff Hardy & The Usos defeated SAnitY

Well good to see that Sanity is making an impact right out of the gate. Pretty sure even the Riott Squad got to look better in their respective debut. Of course all of those ladies could take the Twist of Fate better than Eric Young did.



Becky Lynch defeated Sonya Deville

I should type some form of Becky Lynch victory paragraph every week. I’m pretty sure she’s only winning at the moment due to Charlotte being gone though.


James Ellsworth called out Asuka… no, seriously

Yeah, he’s going to die next week. Also Paige rules right now.


Team Hell No reunited after Daniel Bryan defeated Harper via disqualification

Man, if you can’t get behind this then I’m note sure we can be friends.


An Idiot’s Opinion: Yeah, I liked SmackDown just fine. No, You’re crying!





Akira Tozawa defeated Tony Nese

Not a bad match but Akira deserves better. Time filler.


Lio Rush defeated Dewey James

Not a bad debut for Lio. He got to hit some signature stuff and cut a promo. That’s the best you are going to get out of this company on a debut.



Drew Gulak, The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher defeated  Kalisto, Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado

Nice main event. Everybody busted their butts and this was a fine main event for the least watched show they got. Also Drew Gulak getting to win always makes me happy.


An Idiot’s Opinion: This was an episode of 205 Live…it is what it is.


Overall Opinion: SmackDown gets the win this week. I don’t know if I like this format better or not, I guess I’ll wait to get some feedback to see if we will continue this way or go back to the old nightly recaps. Thanks for reading folks. See you next week.


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