Jeffersonville, Indiana

Pre-Show Match/ 6-Man Scramble

Levi Everett vs Satu Jinn vs Joshie Boy vs James Kendrick vs Bradley Prescott IV  vs Jackson Crowley

Notes and Opinion: Pretty good little match. All these kids worked hard and did a decent job of hyping the crowd up for the big show. Satu was throwing fools around in there and looked like a beast so that’s a nice twist on the usual formula.

Winner: Joshie Boy got the pin on Prescott with a superkick.


  • We then get an introduction to the show with Doug, Jimmy and Father Fear. The question of “What if?” will be answered.


Match 1: Single (Non-Title)

PWF Tri-State Champion Teddy King vs. “B.M.O.C.” Mikey

Notes and Opinion: Teddy was stalling like a mother fucker and Mikey was funny as hell, both normal things. Once they got going it was a nice opener for the show proper. In the end Teddy’s cheating ways kinda screwed him. Cheaters never win Teddy. Except when they do I guess, not an exact science.

Winner: Mikey got the rollup victory when Teddy was too worried about using a chair and the referee.

  • PPW (1) PWF (0)


Match 2: 8-Man Tag Team

Team PPW (Freddie Hudson, Ace Jackson, Matt Atreya, Chase Nalley) vs Team PWF (Marko Stunt with Pat Deez Nutz, Hoodfoot, The Murphy Boyz)

Notes and Opinion: Fun little tag match that almost went badly. Marko got powerbombed out of the ring and theoretically was going to land on a pack of guys on the floor. Unfortunately Marko weighs like 9 lbs and got overshot straight to the damn concrete. That and the fact that Freddie turned his back on his team where the real stories for me.

Winner: One of the Murphy Boyz got a pin on Atreya after the Freddie turned his back on PPW.

  • After the match Team PWF turned on Marko and attacked both he and referee Sean. Jerks.
  • PPW (1) PWF (1)


Match 3: Single

“Category Five” Corey Storm vs “Real Deal” Derek Neal

Notes and Opinion: Straight up white meat babyface vs dirtbag heel match with both guys playing their roles perfectly. Corey always has the sympathy and backing of the Arena crowd. Meanwhile Derek’s pseudo Stan Hansen act is awesome. I really dug this.

Winner: Derek got the victory with a Dragon Sleeper.

  • PPW (1) PWF (2)


Match 4: Winner Take All 3-Way, for the PPW & PWF Tag Team Championships

(Paradigm Tag Champions) The Top Guys vs. (Pro Wrestling Freedom Tag Champions) The Bomb Shelter vs. I.F.H.Y. (Johnathan Wolf and Shawn Kemp)

Notes and Opinion: I was smelling a draw in this, but I was wrong as hell. Really fun match, that saw the Top Guys drop the first fall to the Hyper cube from the Shelter. Once they were gone Kevin Giza went crazy with a chair and attacked until Satu Jinn  made the save for his stablemates. It was a really cool homestretch until Randi got dropped on her head by IFYH. Super tough lady though and kept competing right until the end. I liked this match a ton. All 3 of these teams did a hell of a job.

Winner: Wolf pinned Randi with a Tombstone, so your NEW PWF and PPW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS are I.F.H.Y.!

  • PPW (2) PWF (2)


Match 5: Single (Non-Title)

PWF Champion Kevin Ku vs Lexus Montez

Notes and Opinion: Really good contest. Ku went out and showed why he is the PWF Champion by wrestling his ass off and generally being tough as hell. Lexus is an up and coming star that hung in there with the champ as well as could be expected. In the end though, there is a reason that Kevin is a star.

Winner: Ku got the win with a single leg crab.

  • PPW (2) PWF (3)


Match 6: Tag Team

The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley) vs The Carnies (Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful)

Notes and Opinion: Holeeeey Shit. This was a great brawl. It went from one end of the Arena to the next. Bodies, chairs, candy and everything else was tossed about with reckless abandon. Both of these teams are amazing anyway, they just went out there and proved it. In the end this brawl ended up going farther than just these two teams though. The next chapter should be sick because this one sure was.

Winner: I think it was a no contest. I.F.H.Y. and the Bomb Shelter both arrived and added more bodies to the mayhem. This was setting up what will no doubt be an awesome 8-Man tag between these teams. 

  • Poor Pizza Guy ended up taking the Judd Nelson Driver after all was said and done.
  • PPW (2) PWF (3)


Match 7: Single (Non-Title)

Paradigm Pro Champion Daniel Eads with Josh Ashcraft vs “The Chop Master” Cash Flo

Notes and Opinion: Really good big man contest between two tough guys. Josh was a nuisance of course but it didn’t keep Cash too preoccupied. These guys were really laying it in out there and the crowd wanted blood from both Eads and Ashcraft. They didn’t quite get it but not for lack of trying from big Cash. I liked the execution, if not the result.

Winner: Cash got the win but Ashcraft had moved Eads foot under the bottom rope. I’m sure that was to protect Eads but since Ashcraft moved the leg and Eads didn’t move at all, no one bought it like that. Remember in 98 when WWF and WCW had that show where Rock first won the title and was poised to be a huge star but then they put Hogan over him relatively clean? No? Yeah me either. I love Cash and I get setting up a rematch but it probably hurts a brand new champ to lose like this. Just my opinion. 

  • After the match the LOB attacked and blamed referee Max Recon for the loss. Cash makes the save and they appear to set up a future rematch.
  • PPW (2) PWF (4)


Match 8: Single

“The Hood Ninja” Hy Zaya vs “The Young Lion” Tyler Matrix

Notes and Opinion: The story in this match was all about Hy teaching Tyler a lesson. He put a beating on the kid for most of the contest. Tyler, much like every other person in wrestling history with “Lion” in their nickname, had no quit in him. The kid kept coming back from whatever was dished out to him and that made for a very good contest. In the end the veteran ended this match like he has so many others, with his hand raised.

Winner: Hyzaya got the pinfall following a Swanton. Another veteran beating an up and comer but I’m not aggravated by this. Matrix isn’t the champ of PWF. The champs need to be WINNERS, they don’t have to be unbeatable, especially as a heel but they need to be lucky. Plus PWF was already ahead by the time we got to the main event which left the entire concept of the show already over PWF won. No I don’t count the Pre-show. 


Overall Thoughts: I don’t want to seem like I didn’t enjoy the show, because I did. All the workers busted their butts and put on a great show. I’m never going to agree with every decision a company makes and with two trying to make things work it was doubly hard. I had a great time and was super glad I got to see a show like this, it’s nice when folks try to get along. I appreciate you all for reading and hope I didn’t complain too loudly.


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