Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Korner this week.  This past Friday night June 22nd I returned to Jeffersonville, IN to watch the stars from Pro Wrestling Freedom (PWF) and Paradigm Pro Wrestling (PPW) do battle at The Arena.  My second time watching these guys beat each other up was just as entertaining as the first time I watched them.  Let’s get right to the matches and see what went on from my perspective.


Teddy King vs. Mikey

Teddy’s Tri-State Championship was not up for grabs in this one. Wow did this thing take forever just to get started.  As if watching Teddy do a double entrance wasn’t bad enough, when the bell did finally ring we waited 8 minutes just to see them go right into rest holds.  Come on guys! You all are better than that….I think??  During this one, Teddy took a bad fall off the guard rail after Mikey kicked it out from under him. Better him than me there.  This would only be the first of many bad falls/landings/throws/spots of the evening unfortunately.  Mikey gets the non-title win following Teddy trying to pull shenanigans by bringing a chair into the ring.

8 man tag team match: Matt Atreya, Chase Nalley, Ace Jackson, & Freddie Hudson vs. MOB & Marko Stunt

This match went a lot longer than it should have in my opinion.  I understand trying to get more guys on the card for the night, but they should have just made it Texas Tornado rules or something else to speed the pace up.  I will say I can appreciate all of the aerial spots that occured during this one.  I honestly do not remember who won this match, and that is only because Marko took one of the worst landings I have seen in a while.  I understand he is light as a feather, but that does not mean they should be trying to throwing him all the way out the back door from the middle of the ring for crying out loud.  All I could do after that was watch and see if he was still alive.  At some point the match ended.  Maybe the editor can chime in here and help me out with who won? Thanks Chad! (Editor’s Note: team PWF)

Derek Neal vs. Corey Storm

Overall, this was a pretty good match I thought.  It was certainly the best one of the night to that point.  Both of these guys worked hard throughout the match.  Corey had a good match the first time I saw him, and he had another good one here.  I think he has a bright future being as good as he is at such at a young age.  Derek Neal is a great heel, albeit a little bit unusual.  He reminds me of “Cowboy” Bob Orton, but with a dragon sleeper finisher? Hmm. Derek, do like all cowboys and go for the “Lariat” finishing maneuver. It suits your gimmick better. Derek picked up the win after Corey had to tap out.

Winner take all for the PWF and PPW tag-team championships: The Top Guys vs. The Bomb Shelter vs. I.F.H.Y.

One of my favorite matches of the night, this one was fast paced all throughout.  The match was set up under regular tag-team elimination rules.  All of these teams worked very well together I thought.  There was always action on different sides of the ring, and sometimes into the crowd even.  I liked how all 3 teams were able to stay in for the majority of the match.  Eventually The Top Guys were eliminated first.  Randi took a really bad bump in the ring that should have never happened.  Instead of being dropped on her back, she was dumped on her neck.  Just drop her backwards next time fellas, not forwards. Ugh.  Again, quite a few nice over the top rope spots in this match.  Props to the kid in the front row next to me with the bottled water too.  Thanks to him several of the wrestlers were able to have an impromptu water break.  At the end of this one I.F.H.Y. walked out with both tag team championships.

Kevin Ku vs. Lexus Montez

Kevin has lots of cool ink.  Unfortunately I spent most of this match trying to figure out what a lot of it was as opposed to watching the match.  Lexus had a good match, just couldn’t come away with the win on this night.  These guys did not talk it up much at all during the bout.  All of the other matches were full of trash talking, cussing, and carrying on.  The most we got out of this one was a grunt from Kevin every once in a while.

The Rejects vs. The Carnies

My favorite match of the night!  These guys worked their butts off from start to finish.  Lots of hard hitting, smash mouth action from all of these guys.  Most of this war happened outside the squared circle. Best part of this match was having all four men sitting in a circle punching and headbutting one another until all hell broke loose.  This match would eventually end in a no-contest as it was stopped by the promoters for good reason.  I am 100% confident that this match could have went on all night and the fans would have been fine with that.  To be continued? Let’s hope!

Daniel Eads w/ manager Josh Ashcraft vs. Cash Flo

Daniel is a great wrestler in my opinion.  This was kind of a hard match to watch just because, well, it was a bad match.  The whole match was about the ongoing feud between Cash and Ashcraft.  It was super slow paced, and I honestly can’t remember any great moments from the match.  We are destined for more between these two as the match ended in somewhat of a controversy.  Cash got the pinfall win even with Ashcraft trying to cheat to save the match for Eads.

Hyzaya vs. Tyler Matrix

I like Hyzaya.  I’m not sure if he is a real ninja or not, but he kicks like one.  If he is a ninja, then he is even cooler in my book.  On to the match.  This match had so much potential to be great.  Due to the fact that it had already been a long night and most people were just ready to go home, it ended up being a decent match instead of a great match.  I wish this one could have went on about an hour sooner, maybe before The Carnies and Rejects match.  I get it though, this was a main event match.  Believe me when I say this, it is ok to have a main event match halfway through so long as its not your main champion going on.  This one seemed to be about Hy teaching Tyler a lesson about something or another.  I’m not quite sure.  I was pretty tired by this point.  In the end, Hy gets the win with his patented Swanton Bomb.

Overall, I liked the show and would rate it a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the best.  I could have given it an 8 out of 10 if the air had been on in the building.  I enjoyed the show enough that I plan to return again in the near future to see these guys and gals go at it once more.  The whole PWF vs PPW storyline seems to be working as intended.  It will be interesting to see if they decide to unify the titles or not.  We already witnessed both tag-team championships go to one team on this night. I personally am not a fan of unifying championships because it takes opportunities away from those that may not otherwise have a chance to be a champion.  As a fan, I like more championships too.


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