October 28, 2007

Washington D.C.

Commentators: (RAW) Jim Ross and King, (SmackDown) Michael Cole and JBL, (ECW) Joey Styles and Tazz



*Todd Grisham  is out to announce the stipulations this year without Maria. I love Maria and hate Todd so that sucks.


Match 1: Single (SmackDown)

Stipulation: Pick the match type

Choices: Stretcher 40%, No DQ 36%, Shillelagh on a pole 24%

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

Notes and Opinion: This was really a clash of styles that never really got good for me. Both guys tried their signature stuff but it never really seemed to work. Shockingly the dreaded spell check word shillelagh got involved even though it wasn’t voted in. Also really hard to believe anyone voted for a stretcher match but whatever.

Winner: Rey gets the win after Fit trips his way across the line on the stretcher.


  • Recap of Matt Hardy bleeding like a stuck pig and requiring 16 stitches.
  • Matt backstage with MVP telling him it’s good that he is taking the night off and needs to rest. Matt replies to this bit of concern by telling his tag partner that he still has to wrestle either The Great Khali, Mark Henry or Kane. MVP seems less than thrilled.
  • JBL tries to sway the votes for the special referee job later to his favor.
  • In between the matches the ladies model their costumes for the Halloween contest.


  • Maria is dressed like a cat…a really hot cat.
  • Victoria is dressed as a sumo wrestler with Kenny as her manager Mr. Fuji.
  • Todd comes back out to intro the next match stipulation.


Match 2: ECW Championship

Stipulation: Fans pick the opponent.

Choices: Miz 39%, John Morrison 33% and Big Daddy V 28%

(C) CM Punk vs the Miz

Notes and Opinion: This was the first ever title match for Miz, back when he dressed like a douche and wrestled like an 8 year old. Punk was not quite the best in the world here so carrying Miz was impossible. The match was so good I almost fell asleep recapping it.

Winner: CM Punk after the GTS.


  • Mickie James as a hot as hell Native American princess.
  • Torrie Wilson is a Redskins player…eh.
  • Recap of Randy Orton being awarded the WWE Championship.
  • Todd is out with William Regal (still not Maria) to announce the winner of the WWE Championship shot later in the night. Shawn Michaels 59%, Jeff Hardy 31 % and Kennedy 10% and since Kennedy and Hardy lost they wrestle next.


Match 3: Single (Raw)

Mr. Kennedy vs Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy

Notes and Opinion: This battle of future TNA (Impact, whatever) champions didn’t really do much for me. Both men wrestled like they were disappointed they lost the fan vote and just wrestled a basic match. Nothing really stuck out as bad but there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of motivation from either guy.

Winner: Kennedy gets the pin after Hardy misses a pendulum kick in the corner.


  • Michelle McCool is dressed as Eve…not impressed.
  • Melina is dressed as a showgirl which is better.
  • Foley is backstage with Fatheads of Batista and the Undertaker about to put in his propaganda for refereeing when he is interrupted by an attack ad that was paid for by JBL. Apparently JBL will be fair and balanced in a funny bit.
  • Anastasia (who I have no recollection of) gets Foleys response to the ad.
  • Todd out with Vickie Guerrero (who seems uncomfortable with her role at this point) announced the next match.


Match 4: United States Championship (SmackDown)

Stipulation: Fans pick the opponent.

Choices: Kane 67%, Great Khali 24% and Mark Henry 9%

(C) MVP vs Kane

Notes and Opinion: MVP was also co-holder of the WWE Tag Team Championships with Matt Hardy at this point, while also feuding with him. This match occurred only due to Matt being injured and fills the time they would have had. MVP works Kane’s injured ribs over until Kane gets pissed and returns the favor. It was obvious Kane wasn’t winning the title here.

Winner: Kane by count out.


  • Some numbers and codes come on the screen heralding the 2nd coming of someone.
  • Layla as bad cop, I approve.
  • Kelly Kelly is dressed as a pimp but refers to herself as a gangster…looks hot though.
  • Randy cuts a boring promo about Shawn Michaels.
  • Recap of the Orton/ Michaels feud.


Match 5: WWE Championship (RAW)

(C) Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels

Notes and Opinion: This was just another show filling match where the opponent really had no right in winning the championship. People love HBK though, so they were invested in the match until Randy and his boring ass offense took the crowd out of it. Technically the match was good but wow was I bored. After the match Shawn hit Sweet Chin Music to wake the crowd up a bit.

Winner: Shawn gets the win by DQ after being punched in the junk while attempting Sweet Chin Music.


  • Brooke is dressed as Jane with a snake…lucky snake.
  • Jillian is dressed as Brittany Spears and rocks those vocals.
  • Todd continues to make me angry by not being Maria, and announces his next drivel.


Match 6: Single (RAW)

Stipulation: Fans choose the match type.

Choices: Street fight 57%, Steel Cage 26% and First Blood 17%

Umaga vs HHH

Notes and Opinion: Pretty surprising that the street fight won with the cage hanging above the ring. This stipulation made for a way better match though. These guys went out of the way to save what at this point was a junk show. Umaga does an amazing splash on HHH by running across all the announce tables and about kills him. Luckily in the end we get the win by The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, The King of Kings, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, The Unburnt, Protector of the Realm, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons and Assistant Manager of Arby’s on Daytona Beach.

Winner: HHH gets the win after a sledgehammer to the skull followed by a Pedigree.


  • Todd is out to announce the winner of the Halloween contest which Mickie wins with 21% of the vote. Kelly got 2nd.
  • Recap of the Batista and Undertaker wars.
  • Todd announces the winner of the referee vote, JBL interrupts. Foley interrupts his interruption causing JBL to attack Foley. The glass breaks and Stunners are doled out like they are going out of style.


Match 7: World Heavyweight Championship (SmackDown)

Stipulation: Fans pick the referee.

Choices: Stone Cold 79%, Foley 11% and JBL 10%.

(C) Batista vs the Undertaker

Notes and Opinion: Batista had never beaten the Undertaker on Pay-Per-View before this match and they built that up huge here. These guys have incredible chemistry together and put on a hell of a show. Batista got the big hometown pop and Undertaker as always, was popular as well. The crowd and people at home got their monies worth here. The chemistry between these gentlemen is awesome and easily outclassed almost everything else on this show.

Winner: Batista gets the pin after 2 Batista Bombs.


Overall Thoughts: Until the last two matches this show was junk. Luckily the last two matches were everything I expected and more. This show definitely improved on the first version and actually had some things people could remember and enjoy. I can’t recommend the last two matches on the show enough.


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