I interviewed a few of the gentlemen In this Thursday’s IWA Mid-South Rev strong Style Tournament. So to help with the hype I figured I’d put the interviews back up.

Welcome to the 13th edition of 5 Questions! This started out as just a crazy idea and has turned in to a really good way of getting to know a little bit about the guys and gals of the wrestling industry. These were never intended to be super in depth but they have always been informative and hopefully fun. This is one of my favorites yet.

I first got to see KLD on Powerbomb.tv and I was super impressed, and I only became more impressed when I saw him live. It is one of those situations where you can’t believe how big and agile someone is until you see them in person. This man is awesome, the way he moves and seems to never get tired at his size will blow you away, I know it did me. Enough of my yammering though, let KLD introduce himself.


““KLD” Kevin Lee Davidson from Affton, Saint Louis, MO. I am currently in the hunt for the United Glory Tag Titles w/ Danny Adams.”



Well here we go ladies and gentlemen, with  introductions out of the way, here is our 5 Questions with the big man himself KLD!


1: Who or what most influenced you to become a Professional Wrestler?

“Spending time with my grandmother watching professional wrestling growing up is what influenced me the most. She was so passionate about it. I grew up (5 to 10 years old) during the Monday Night Wars so it was an excellent time to be a pro wrestling fan.”


2: What is the most fun thing you have ever done in the wrestling business?

“Traveling the world and having top notch matches. Wrestling in the UK, Italy and touring Canada for a month was electric. And the #NoNewFriends gig I’m running w/ Dan is a blast. Total blast. Never had as much fun as I’m having with him in Glory Pro right now. Being business partners in and out of the ring has been nothing but pleasant. We’re not afraid to tell each other what we think is best and we just work really well together. Sky is the limit for us right now.”


3: Who has been your favorite opponent thus far?

“I’ve had a few that are my favorites in their own rights. Some because they push me to my limits in the ring, some because everything always just feels so right and seem to have great in-ring chemistry, and some are just flat out a good time and/or all of the above. Some that come to mind are Ethan Page, Adrian Armour, Dak Draper, Brandon Aarons and a few others I can’t think off the top of my head.”


4: What is your favorite meal on a show day?

“Pre or post show? Lol, I like to keep it semi light pre show, I don’t like working on too full of a stomach. I try to keep it simple w/ a good breakfast of eggs and a protein source, then shakes and bars for the rest of the day until post show. Post show I love going out with the crew and getting a good hearty meal, depending what’s in town.”


5: Who is the greatest Professional Wrestler of all time?

“So hard to say. I usually answer this with a Mt. Rushmore that includes: Stone Cold, Dean Malenko, AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels.”


There we have it guys another 5 Questions have come and gone. I really want to thank KLD for taking the time out of his schedule to do this. He and Anthony Henry are two of my favorite guys and they both were featured this week which makes me happy.


Here comes my favorite part…

Remember the sole reason for these is to get some extra eyeballs on people and let as many folks as we can know what these talented people are up to. That’s what this next section is all about! Time to plug some stuff!

Take it away sir!

“Appreciate the interview, find me on Twitter/IG At @KLD_1118

Facebook at Kevin Lee Davidson “KLD”

Message any social media outlet for exclusive merch or hop on PWTees and search Kevin Lee Davidson. (Here you go for PW Tees.)


Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. If you can support KLD in any way I would greatly appreciate it. He’s a super nice guy and after all, it’s only polite!


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