Memphis, Indiana



Match 1: Single

“The Legitimate Athlete” BRANDON GORE vs “The Winter Swoldier” ADAM SLADE

Notes and Opinion: This was the IWA debut for Gore and he did a fine job. Adam is getting more and more comfortable in front of the IWA audience so these two had a good little match. Both of these guys have big futures ahead of them if they continue to work as hard as they did on this night.

Winner: Slade got the win with a ripcord cutter.


Match 2: Single

“Sauciest Man Alive” LUKAS JACOBS vs RUMP THUMP

Notes and Opinion: I think Jacobs improved on last weeks performance and his jerk attitude is really getting the crowd to hate him. That’s not a bad thing. This was my first time watching RUMP THUMP go live, and he impressed me as well. The guy is already over with the fans and was the perfect foil to Lukas. Good stuff from both men.

Winner: Rump picked up the pinfall with a cool slam.



“Husky Heartthrob” KODY RICE vs REED “By God” BENTLEY

Notes and Opinion: This was a hell of a fight. Both men were beating the living shit out of each other with everything they had in their arsenals. Kody continues to prove the doubters wrong every time he steps in the ring and his toughness can not be questioned. Reed did his best to take the big man out though. Reed doesn’t care who, or how big you are. He’s going to fight you until he can’t go any longer. He made a mistake in this one and nailed the ringpost while going for Kody. This led to an arm injury that he would have to try and overcome. It wasn’t to be though. Awesome stuff from both guys. Must see match.

Winner: Kody got the win with a cross armbreaker submission.

  • After the match Reed kicked the shit out of some chairs. Don’t worry, the chairs had it coming.


Match 4: Single

“The Dark Prophet” ORIN VEIDT vs  JACK SHATTER

Notes and Opinion: Always good to see Orin in an IWA ring. Super talented kid that has a ton of potential. This was the debut for Shatter and the guy is a damn fine addition to any roster. This was really going well until Jack smashed his skull while trying to do a top rope rana to the concrete. I was pretty worried about him to be honest. Luckily Orin did a great job of kinda walking Jack through it until he could get his bearings a bit. They ended up pulling off a good one, even with the accident. Solid work by both to pull it off.

Winner: Orin got the win with his assault driver he calls Plus Ultra.


Match 5: Single


Notes and Opinion: Do you like high flying? Here you go. Two amazing young athletes went out there and put on a show. Angel did a great job in his IWA debut and hopefully he will be back a lot more. Myron was awesome as usual and if you have a chance get out and see him now before he gets the call to the big time and it costs you more. I enjoyed this a lot.

Winner: Myron got the win with a springboard 450.


Match 6: Singles

“Fresh Prince of Mid-Air” TREY MIGUEL vs LOGAN JAMES

Notes and Opinion: Holy crap was this good. Trey was great as always and Logan has taken to the IWA style like a duck to water. These guys went out and had themselves a wrestling clinic. The pace was incredible and both athletes were giving every part of themselves out there. Honestly can’t say enough good things about either guy or the match. Top shelf from bell to bell.

Winner: Trey got the win with a “Work of Art” backslide.

  • After the match we get a re-match set up between Myron and Logan. Another match set up between Trey and Alex Zane. Then the announcement that Logan would be joining Aaron Williams as the first two guys announced for the Ted Petty Invitational. Awesome stuff.
  • Oh, almost forgot. Trey also rapped his ass off.



“Duke of Hardcore” JOHN WAYNE MURDOCH vs “Born Bad” JC ROTTEN

Notes and Opinion: After last weeks epic House of Horrors match these two had a long way to go to try and top themselves. But I’ll be damned if they didn’t get close. Another amazing brawl between these two hated rivals. Blood flowed, weapons were used and broken and the crowd stood on their feet the entire time watching these two warriors go toe to toe. Another amazing battle from these guys and it REALLY has to be seen to be believed. These men are out of their damn minds. This was WAR. See it as soon as you can.

Winner: JC got the win with a Spaulding Driver on some concrete blocks. John had spent all of the match wining to Reed and when he didn’t get his longtime friends help he spit in his face. This led to Reed shoving Murdoch right into JC for the finish. 

  • After the match Reed and JWM got into a huge brawl that the entire locker room had to stop. This set up a fucking Tai Pei Deathmatch between the two on Saturday night’s show. Awesome ending.


Overall Thoughts:  7 Matches and 4 of them were some next level shit. Not a bad match on the card. Again buy the DVD and check out this event. Definitely worth the time and money. The main event will blow you the hell away. 


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