After a short WWE induced hiatus, the Gang is back together. This time we have the always difficult Money in the Bank matches to guess at. I’m glad you are able to joins us on what will almost certainly be a complete and total failure on our part.

 Let’s meet our esteemed panel.

Anthony Harper: Lifelong wrestling fan, expectant father and a Cubs supporter from back when that meant something.

Drewifer Jones: Co-host of The Road Home From Wrestling podcast  and all around swell guy.

Jim Williams: Another lifelong wrestling fan and the only human being alive to love Aqua Teen more than me. Pretty solid drinker.

Josh Martin: Another lifelong fan, good dude and huge NJPW mark.

Dave Dynasty: Host of the Dave Dynasty Show and huge Pro Wrestling fan. Also a lover of paperboy style hats.

Klide Hobson: Lifelong wrestling fan, eater of worlds (and sandwiches) and writer of Klide’s Korner on this very website.

Me: I write about wrestling on this website. I also enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon in a non-ironic way. Possible drinking problem.


Here we go people, let’s see how wrong we could possibly be!



Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Miz vs Braun Strowman vs Bobby Roode vs Rusev vs Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor vs One Member of the New Day vs Samoa Joe

Anthony:  I am going to go with the Miz in this match. WWE loves pushing him as a Champ or potential. champ. Not to mention, he probably has something up his sleeve.

Drewcifer:  I want Kevin Owens to win that briefcase and make his way back in the title picture. Braun Strowman is my pick though.

Jim:  There are plenty of people in this match that don’t need the briefcase to be main event worthy. The Miz or soon to be heel, Bobby Roode, will easily elevate the briefcase and it is weird to have a baby face with the contract. They never do the cowardly cash in and issue a challenge. I am taking a risk and picking Roode and this match will lead to his heel turn. Pick: Roode

Josh:  Miz.

Dave: Ummm geez… who knows lol… I’ll go with Balor.

Klide: Samoa Joe.  I would really like to pick Balor, but they seem to be hesitant moving him back into the main event picture.  Strowman has been on a roll after winning The Greatest Royal Rumble and I would have picked him if anyone but Lesnar was champ right now.  Joe! Joe! Joe!

Me: Miz vs Daniel Bryan needs to be done. Miz.

Consensus? Miz 3-1-1-1-1



Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss vs Ember Moon vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Naomi vs Lana vs Sasha Banks

Anthony:  I gotta go with Natalya is this match, although it worries me that she won on the go home show.

Drewcifer:  I’m hoping it’s finally time to pull the trigger on Becky Lynch. She’s been languishing in obscurity for years now. It’s time. Also I can’t wait to see Ember Moon hit the eclipse off a ladder.

Jim:  This match should be crazy entertaining with the like of Flair, Banks, Lynch and Moon going nuts. I think they threw us a little curve by having Natty win on Monday. I think she is going to win the contract and then cash in during the Rousey vs Nia Jax Match. This way Jax does not get squashed and it’s still a little soon to have Ronda win the title. Natty could be her first big feud and then she wins title at Summer Slam. Pick: Natalya

Josh:  Sasha.

Dave: As much as it pains me… Lana.

Klide:  Charlotte Flair.  Charlotte is taller, therefore does not have to climb as many rungs as her competition.  Actually, I pick Charlotte because I think she will turn heel with the contract at some point.

Me: Ugh…Natalaya.

Consensus? Natalya 3-1-1-1-1



SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella vs. Asuka

Anthony:  I don’t how she will pull it off, but I think Carmella finds a way to beat Asuka or gets the DQ.

Drewcifer:  Carmella is ready for Asuka. This match will certainly have a screw finish.

Jim:  Not buying the James Ellsworth hype and title so needs to be off of Carmella. She is not close to Championship caliber in the ring. Asuka needs to be elevated as almost unstoppable again Pick: Asuka

Josh:  Carmella loses but retains.


Klide:  Asuka.  With Asuka’s undefeated streak gone, she can now win the title and lose it without it being a big deal.

Me: Carmella retains somehow.

Consensus? Carmella 4-3



Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey

Anthony:  Dumbest match on the entire card, mainly because both are supposed to be unstoppable bad asses and whoever loses looks much weaker than before the match. Ronda in a quick match will kill Nia’s career imo.

Drewcifer:  Nia Jax retains. I have an unpopular opinion about this match. I think it will be great. I think it’s going to be one of the big stories coming out of this show.

Jim:  This should be a pretty short Match and I still think that there will be a cash in. Pick: Natty with the cash in.

Josh:  Nia.

Dave: Rousey. I think they plan on giving her the ball and seeing what happens. 

Klide:  Ronda Rousey.  Wow, never saw this one coming.  Actually, I called this match 3 months ago happening around this time.  Ronda wins because it is going to put hers and WWE’s name all over the sports world for 10 minutes.

Me: Ronda. Not sure what benefit it would be of keeping it on Nia with a UFC Hall of Famer around. Also they should turn Ronda heel…just a thought.

Consensus? Ronda 4-2-1



WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Last Man Standing

Anthony:  I’m a firm believer that WWE wants Shinsuke as one of the new faces to win a title, so I’ll have to go with him. WWE has been mentioning the nonstop DQ’s as if Shinsuke knows he can’t beat AJ, so normally that means that person will win.

Drewcifer:  Nakamura finally wins the WWE title. He immediately pulls out his contract, rips it up on camera, and boards the first flight back to Japan.

Jim:  I have no idea at this point, especially if they drag this out till Summer Slam. Nakamura gets the Title now and then Styles gets it back at Summer Slam. I just hope we don’t get another stupid finish where they both cant get up and are counted out. Pick: Nakamura

Josh:  AJ.

Dave:  Nakamura. The only way they can’t outright end this feud is to have Nakamura win. Then they always have a rematch to play…

Klide: No Contest.  I do not usually make these sort of predictions, but I think a no contest is a great way to keep this feud going.  Neither of these two will answer the 10 count!

Me: Nakamura. Right? I mean they couldn’t possibly cool this feud down any more and another month would be ridiculous.

Consensus? Nakamura 5-1-1

sad roman

Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal

Anthony:  Roman Reigns and I’m not sure if an explanation is needed, we all know why he will win.

Drewcifer:  Who cares? (Editors Note: Technically correct, but you are losing a point.)

Jim:  Who really cares about this match? It will probably be the main event…lol. Reigns wins and hopefully this be the end of this. I actually think Jinder could be a really good heel in the next couple of years if they limit his promos and if he keeps improving in the ring. Did I just really type that last sentence? Pick: Reigns

Josh:  THE big dog lol.

Dave:  Ugh, who cares? Reigns

Klide:  Jinder Mahal.  Jinder cheats to win, hoping that we will all feel sorry for Roman. Nope.

Me: Roman. Gotta keep him strong for Brock!

Consensus? Roman 5-1-1


SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Anthony:  Man, this is a tough one because Luke and Karl are due and have had crappy bookings, but will WWE have the Bludgeon Brothers lose a match? Give me Luke and Karl.

Drewcifer:  This is a nothing match. Bludgeon bros win.

Jim:   Boring and Bludgeon Brothers win. Pick: Bludgeon Brothers

Josh:  Bludgeon bros in a squash.

Dave:  Bludgeon Brothers… and I will gladly say I hope I’m wrong!

Klide:  The Bludgeon Bros.  Once the titles are off these guys we are likely to not from them again until they find new gigs once again.  So for now I am sticking with them.

Me: BB’s. I love the Club but they are DOA. Prove me wrong WWE.

Consensus? Bludgeon Brothers 6-1


Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Anthony:  This is tough too because why bring Bobby back to lose, but Sami is a really good heel. Give me Bobby.

Drewcifer:  The only interesting thing about this one is we get to see how good Sami Zayn really is. Is he good enough to pull a decent match out of Lashley? Sami wins with help from KO.

Jim:   Hopefully this is a one off match and these two are done with each other. Lashley will go over and get the win. Pick: Lashley

Josh:  Zayn wins via shananigans.

Dave:  Blah… Lashley, I guess…

Klide:  Lashley.  Sami, you’re bullying days are over.  Lashley wins and restores his namesake.

Me: Lashley. Poor Sami deserves better.

Consensus? Lashley 5-2


Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins vs. Elias

Anthony:  Seth Rollins is the face of WWE right now and Management loves him. Should be a good match though. Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

Drewcifer:  Rollins retains in what could be match of the night. Probably the first chance to see what Elias can do in a ppv singles match vs a top notch opponent. It should be a lot of fun.

Jim:  Really looking forward to this match. I really love Elias and he is easily the most entertaining person or Raw. I really think he could use this title, but it is not his time yet. Pick: Rollins

Josh:  Rollins.

Dave:  Rollins in what will probably be the most entertaining match on the show.

Klide:  Seth Rollins.  Seth has been on an absolute tear since winning the IC title.  I do not expect this to be as good of a match as it has the potential to be.  Elias either needs more heat from the WWE Universe or a clear face turn.  He’s entertaining, but is struggling to find his way.  Maybe cause he is a drifter? See what I did there?!

Me:  Seth. The guy is doing the Lord’s work right now.

Consensus? Rollins 7-0


Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

Anthony:  Big Cass gets his revenge if he doesn’t end it with a DQ. I’ve heard Cass has a lot of backstage heat with Vince and company, so I have “0” confidence in this pick.

Drewcifer:  Daniel Bryan will destroy Cass. I hope he does anyway.

Jim:   How could you have Bryan lose after he just squashed Cass at the last PPV.? This should end this feud. Pick: Bryan

Josh:  D-Bry.

Dave:  Daniel Bryan… also correct answer: anybody but Big Cass.

Klide:  Daniel Bryan.  Big Cass is tapping out again.  With SummerSlam not far away, D-Bry moves into the WWE championship picture after this one.

Me: Bryan. Miz vs Bryan needs to happen.

Consensus? Bryan 6-1


I think we are all looking forward to Sunday and how right and or wrong that we were. Thanks to everyone for reading and please come back soon!

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