Welcome to the 36th edition of 5 Questions! Keep in mind, these were never intended to be super in depth, but they have always been informative and hopefully fun. It’s been cool getting to know a little bit about the minds of the good folks that put their bodies on the line to entertain us. Today we have another one of my favorite guys.



Dale is one of those guys that is just as comfortable doing a comedy match as doing a hardcore brawl. He is the type of athlete that is a complete utility player. If you needed to start a company a locker room full of Dale Patricks’ is what you should aspire to have. The guy can flat out can and will do it all. If you don’t believe me check out some of the photos from this year’s CZW Tournament of Death, amazing stuff (or scroll to the end of the article..I’ll have a pic there.). Dale is a former IWA Mid-South Tag Team and Prince of the Deathmatches Champion. He was also the winner of last year’s Dynamite Cup Tournament. (I’ll leave that alone.) Those are just a few of the many accolades this young man has ahead of him. So let’s meet Dale.

“Trained by Billy Roc with side training by Drake Younger. Pro Wrestling’s Jackass, the Indestructible Idiot and the Deathmatch Jackass Dale Patricks!”


Away we go people. 5 Questions with Dale Patricks!


1: Who most influenced you to become a professional wrestler?

“The person who influenced me when I was a kid to become pro wrestler was the Undertaker. But as far as wanting to become a hardcore wrestler was Mick Foley.”


2: What is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

“My favorite all time match has to be Matt Tremont and myself from L.O.A 3.”


3: If you could work for any promotion in wrestling history, what would it be?

“The promotion I would work for would be FMW in Japan. I feel like I would fit in perfectly there. I also feel the same way about ECW in 97, I know I would fit in there as well.”


4: Is there a song that you LOVE that everyone else thinks is awful?

“Honestly i don’t think i do. There is always someone out there just as fucked up as me.”


5: In your opinion who is the greatest Professional Wrestler of all time?

“To me, I feel like the overall best wrestler would have to be The Undertaker. Hands down.”



There we have it guys, another 5 Questions have come and gone. 

Here comes my favorite part…

Remember the sole reason for these is to get some extra eyeballs on people, and let as many folks as we can know what these talented individuals are up to. That’s what this next section is all about! Time to plug some stuff!

“You can pick up my Merch here

Or see me at a show and I will have probably sell it cheaper.

My next show is June 22nd For Wrestling Theology Fellowship.

For booking information message me on Facebook.”


Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so Dale taking the time to answer these is pretty cool. Try and support him where you can.


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dales leg
This is off Dale’s Facebook. Not sure who to credit. Gross right?