We’ve had an underused Horror section up on the site for  long time and lately I’ve decided it needs to be seen way more. One of the ways we are doing this is by ripping off  borrowing the 5 Questions from the wrestling side and using it over here for the horror fans. 

Todays guest is  a writer for UPROXX who mostly writes about pro wrestling, but has expanded into making his own independent films and doing some writing for film, live comedy shows and television.

One of those films is why we have him here with us today. I recently reviewed the Asylum film “Flight 666” for the site and thought it was really good for a company that seems to rely on flying tornado sharks. Knowing Brandon’s writing, I assumed he’s one of the key reasons that I didn’t pull my hair out. 

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1. How do you feel the movie came out? Did it meet your expectations?

“At first I was cautious, because how do you not only write a haunted airplane movie, but go into a theater in downtown Los Angeles and watch a haunted airplane movie you wrote surrounded by all the people from the haunted airplane? I’m actually really proud of what came out of the process. The film plays more like a cheesy ‘90s action movie than I was expecting, but subconsciously intended because those are the films I grew up on. Getting to write a bunch of ghosts into existence and writing someone fighting them with guns is a unique experience, especially when you pepper it with things like the Frankenstein dream monologue pulled from my childhood. You’ll see it when you see the film. Really crazy to get my voice into an Asylum project.”


2. What’s it like working with the Asylum on stuff like this?

“They’ve been really great. Couldn’t have been easier to work with. This was my first paid screenwriter gig that I didn’t have any control over or deep emotional investment in, having made a couple of microbudget independent features, so it ended up an entirely new, surprisingly stress-free experience. Plus, writing something for Aslyum’s been on my bucket list for a long time. There’s something really special about the content they make, especially when you get past the initial shock of figuring out what the hell an Asylum movie is.”


3. Do you have a favorite Asylum movie?

“I love Bill Hanstock’s Asylum stuff. That’s what got me into it, and how I made the connection to write one of my own. I’ve been friends with Bill since our days back at Progressive Boink in the mid-2000s, and I got to work with him at With Spandex on UPROXX for a couple of years. He’s a talented writer, so seeing projects like APOCALYPSE POMPEII, which is Adrian Paul in a helicopter basically fighting a volcano to save his family, made me deeply professionally jealous. That movie features lava chasing people up a flight of stairs. That’s not something you just DO in a movie.”


4. Are you a big fan of the b-movie genre or horror movies in general?

“Oh, absolutely. I grew up working in video stores, from my normal teenage experience stocking tapes at Blockbuster to my mom being the manager of a mom and pop place called “Video USA” in Danville, Virginia, when I was tiny. I used to be terrified to go into the horror section because the boxes were scary, and I realized what they were doing was igniting my imagination. The box art wasn’t scary, but what the box art triggered in my brain and creativity WAS. So at some point I decided to put that exaggeration onto paper, and here we are.”


5. This is the one I’m asking everyone, what is your all time favorite horror movie?

“Such a tough question. I usually say BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN or the original THE WICKER MAN, because those are the most influential. I think my actual favorite is LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which I still believe wasn’t improved by making it more heteronormative and adding a car crash. ’80s slasher films, ‘70s low budget psychological horror, Japanese horror before it became about scary children, the works. I love it all. Soak it up like a sponge.”


There we go folks, our second edition is in the books. This is really the same setup as our wrestling version but with more curse words (sometimes). These won’t be long, but hopefully you will see something you like and support these nice folks in their future projects. Speaking of which here is Brandon’s!

Support Brandon’s Film work

Meet Me There (Featuring Goldust Y’all)

Seven Hill City (Which is already picking up awards and is in post production)

Flight 666

And of course support his various writing projects over at UPROXX.


Thanks again to Brandon for taking the time to answer some questions for us. If you liked what you saw or enjoyed yourself pass this thing around, don’t be shy! Seriously, that would be kinda weird to be shy about this. Thanks for reading folks.


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