Another week of the Billion dollar show! Our go home show for Money in the bank wasn’t too awful bad guys. 

Memphis, Tennessee

Commentators: Tom Phillips, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton



  • Paige is out to lead the “Money in the Bank Women’s Summit”. Or, as I like to call it, people talking shit to each other. Becky and Charlotte come across pretty well until The IIconics and the artists formerly known as Absolution interrupt. This leads exactly where you think it does.
  • Occupy Raw flashback.
  • A Sunil Singh highlight…I’m sure that’s not what they meant, but It’s what I’m saying.



Match 1: Single

Daniel Bryan defeated Shelton Benjamin with the heel hook.

Yeah, this is my jam. I love both of these guys and they went out there and put on a perfectly decent TV wrestling match. Fill the show with this kinda thing y’all.


  • Asuka bumps into Paige and wants Carmella tonight. She will get her in the main event during a 10-woman tag.
  • Paig then bumps into Miz prepping for his role in the sure blockbuster “Ruff-Ruff Ref”. He gets to referee the Samoa Joe vs Rusev match.
  • Did you know that AJ and Nakamura are feuding? Well here’s a recap!
  • Jerry Lawler milks that hometown pop to interview AJ. Nothing of note is said.
  • The SmackDown Tag titles are the Pre-Show match.




Match 2: Single/Miz is Guest Referee

Rusev defeated Samoa Joe after some Miz Shenanigans.

Miz plays a big part in the ending because he is amazing. I like seeing two tough bastards like this going toe to toe though. Joe is going to MURDER Miz at MITB.

  • Rusev lays out Joe with a ladder and goes to climb, but is attacked from behind by Miz. That dude has a big bulls-eye on him. He pulled down the briefcase and found it filled with pancakes. The New Day laugh in the back.



Match 3: Single

Jeff Hardy defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via Disqualification. Ball shot.

This was a pretty solid match. Nakamura is such a great asshole right now and Jeff is as popular as always. Neither guy could afford a pinfall loss so this was the one time the ball shot makes sense.

  • Carmella is not worried about anyone. She is doing a really good job as a heel because I want that woman knocked the hell out.
  • Big Cass makes short jokes. The dude seems to forget that he’s gotten his ass kicked twice though.
  • PPV recap.
  • Special Olympics are good.




Match 4: 10-Woman Tag

Asuka, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Lana & Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Peyton Royce & Billie Kay when Mella tapped to Asuka.

This was fun but nothing you will remember in a week. All the ladies busted their asses and the champ tapped. As a rule that doesn’t mean good things for the challenger. Perfectly fine main event.

  • All the MITB competitors give Asuka a stare down as we end the show.


Overall Thoughts: Well this left me wanting to see the PPV on Sunday so it did it’s job. There was nothing I would consider bad in the entire 2 hours outside of Cass trying to talk. Decent show.


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