Jeffersonville, Indiana

Pre-Show Match 1: Triple Threat

Graham Bell vs Lucas Jacobs vs James Kendrick

Notes and Opinion: Pretty fun little opener. All three of these kids went out to prove that they shouldn’t be on the pre-show and did well with it. They didn’t get a lot of time but used what they had well.

Winner: Graham Bell with a big elbow.


Pre-Show Match 2: Single

Walker Hayes vs Jacob Black

Notes and Opinion: Another good energy match from a couple of young guys trying to prove themselves. These kids are working hard and will be on the main show sooner rather than later.

Winner: Black got the victory with a Finlay Roll.





Match 1: Triple Threat

Logan James vs Sage Cainan vs Marko Stunt

Notes and Opinion: Really good opener to the show proper. All three of these guys are good already and still have plenty of years left to only get better. All of these athletes did a hell of a job keeping the crowd and myself entertained and set a good bar for the rest of the show to follow. All of them will be stars one day, believe the hype.

Winner: Logan got the win with a pop-up Lungblower.


Match 2: Single

“The Real Deal” Derek Neal vs. Mr. Brickster

Notes and Opinion: Solid match. Neal is a damn fine heel already and Brickster was a decent babyface foil. I enjoyed this one as well but for completely different reasons than the first match. Clearly defined “good guy” vs “bad guy” matches still work with me because I love the hell out of some old school wrestling.

Winner: Neal got the victory with a Dragon Sleeper.


Match 3: Tag Team

The Carnies (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy) vs. I.F.H.Y (Johnathan Wolf and Shawn Kemp)

Notes and Opinion: Everyone knows that tag team wrestling is my jam and this was a good example of why. You have the more experienced Carnies trying to teach the young guys a lesson by using every trick they have learned to stay on top. The Carnies are awesome already and Kerry in particular seemed like he was trying to teach these kids something with every dastardly thing he did. Not to hurt them, but to teach them. Nick on the other hand plays the jerk well. For their part the Indianapolis kids work their asses off and proved they could not only hang with the more experienced duo but could potentially beat them. Great stuff.

Winner: Carnies picked up the win after a Sky High on Wolf.

  • The PWF vs PPW war continues…


Match 4: Single

The Zodiak vs. “Big Beef” Jake Garvin

Notes and Opinion: Two big dudes beating the crap out of each other is a story that professional wrestling has told from the beginning. The reason for that is because it’s awesome. Zodi did a great job taking it to the younger Garvin and showing them that even though he is older, it doesn’t mean he can’t evolve and still kick ass. Jake did a great job as well and didn’t look out of place hanging in there with the veteran. I liked this a lot. The only slight problem I had was the fact that I thought Teddy King came out slightly too soon to make the distraction finish work as well as it should. Overall though it was fun.

Winner: Zodiak got the heart punch after some TK distraction.

  • We get the Tri-State title situation resolved as Teddy is the new champion. (I guess we went with the Mideon/Shane McMahon European Title rule that states you can just GIVE someone a belt. In my eyes that shit was vacant.)


Match 5: Single/Non-Title/ $500 Challenge

(C) “The Varsity Athlete” Teddy King vs. “The King of Sport” Lexus Montez

Notes and Opinion: Teddy is a great scumbag and Lexus is a phenomenal performer so I liked this as well. Unfortunately for Lexus I’m not sure he will end up with a title shot out of this (unless it’s a 3-way) due to the entire story being about King vs Garvin. Kinda hard to side with Garvin really, since he just gave the belt to King. Oh well. This match was fine but the story around it didn’t seem focused on Lexus even a little bit. I think Lexus rules and will be fine though. Teddy as scumbag champ is a pretty easy story to tell for a bit.

Winner: Lexus got the win and the “$500” after a sweet knee strike and some Garvin distraction.

  • Jimmy got knocked on his ass by Jake and Father Fear seemed to side with TK in a big way.


Match 6: PWF Tag Team Championships

The Murphy Boys (with Hoodfoot and Freddie Hudson) vs. (C)The Bomb Shelter 

Notes and Opinion: I liked this entire deal so much. The Murphy Boys are young and super talented kids that have fallen in with a bad influence hoping it will take them to the top. The Champs are an amazing duo that are ready to take on all challenges and could care less that the challengers have backup. Really good tag work from both teams and I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch in the future.

Winner: The Bomb Shelter got the victory with the Hyper Cube.


Match 7: PWF Championship

Cain Justice vs. (C) Kevin Ku

Notes and Opinion: I love Kevin Ku, and have heard nothing but good things about Cain so I was super pumped up for this. I think my expectations may have been too high, I really liked the match but I think I was expecting too much. Both of these guys really worked their asses off out there and deserve all the respect in the world. I don’t want to sound like an ass thinking I would be blown away and then “only” seeing a really good match, because it was really good and a rematch would only be better I think.

Winner: Ku got the win with a Gut-wrench Lungblower.


Match 8: Tag Team

The Top Guys vs. Cash Flo and Tyler Matrix 

Notes and Opinion: This was a wild one. Anytime I get to see “Lucha” Cash Flo in 2018 is a good time. A guy his size shouldn’t be doing dives. The fact that the Top Guys are awesome, and an actual team, that used their clear teamwork advantage over Tyler and Cash whenever they were in control is a good story. This was another setup for the PPW vs PWF deal with Logan James showing up to help the PPW champs. I love this kind of stuff, so it was a pretty good main event for me. The ending had to be really hard to see for the PWF side with their super team imploding at the end. Great story and good match.

Winner: Top Guys got the victory when Tyler accidentally brained Cash with a chair.

  • After the match Cash realized the chair shot was a mistake and tried to shake Tyler’s hand. Tyler walked out instead.


Overall Thoughts: This was a fun show that had some good solid wrestling in it. Some matches really impressed the hell out of me and sucked me into the story they were telling. If I sit for 3 hours at a show and don’t actively hate anything I consider it a good night. It was a good night, all of these folks busted their asses off and entertained the hell out of me. Fun night.


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