Welcome back everyone to Klide’s Korner!  Today I’d like to talk about one of the most charismatic superstars in all of sports entertainment and the UFC; CM Punk. 


I have been a fan of Punk’s for a long time.  He has been involved in some of the best storylines wrestling fans have enjoyed over the years.  Who could ever forget the pipebomb he dropped during one of his feuds with John Cena, or as the leader of the straight edge society.  Punk had somewhat of a difficult separation from WWE, and even today he continues to have troubles with them.  I am not here to discuss his issues with WWE, as Punk has made them very well documented.

What I want to talk about is how much respect I have for him as a person willing to take the risks associated with doing what he became passionate about post-WWE.  Punk has never been the biggest guy, or the strongest, but nobody can question the man’s heart.  The UFC was going to be the greatest challenge in his career.  Things have not went so well for him from a win/loss perspective, but at least he has made a lot of money for his trouble.  I have read a lot of different comments on social media urging Punk to not fight in the UFC again, go back to wrestling again, and/or just give up altogether.  These people clearly do not know Phil Brooks the man.  The word “quit” is not in his vocabulary.  Also missing from his vocabulary are the letters “W” and “E” as in WWE.  I just do not see him ever going back there again.  He had a tremendous, Hall of Fame level career in WWE.  He has nothing left to prove there.

No matter if Punk decides to start training for another MMA fight, or begins a new adventure elsewhere in life, he will always have my respect for taking the chance to do what he loves.  As human beings, it takes a lot of balls to step out of our comfort zones and take chances, especially knowing the risks.  For that, Mr. Brooks, I salute you.

Thanks for joining me at the Korner again this week wrestling fans!  As always, I welcome any and all comments below.


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