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  • Before we get started Reed Bentley cuts a promo (I’m as surprised as you.) and states that even though they are partners everywhere else, he and JWM are separate entities here and he doesn’t support his current attitude. I’ll be honest guys, my Spidey sense was tingling after this promo.


Match 1: Single


Notes and Opinion: This was the debut in IWA for Slade and he got a peak at how rough the audience can be at times. The IWA crowd is great but they have seen EVERYTHING, so you better bring your “A” game. Good opening match as Alonzo has come along quite nicely in his IWA appearances and Adam is damn good so he adjusted to the new environment pretty quickly. Solid opener.

Winner: Joe got the win with a rolling DVD.


Match 2: Single

“Pure Trash” SAGE MATTHEWS vs “The Master of Simplicity” ALAN CLAYBALL

Notes and Opinion: In ring IWA debut for both kids. Decent match with Sage (Yep, another Sage) playing the dickhead pretty well. Alan (who looks like someone shrank Ethan Page) played the bayface pretty well in their too. The crowd was a little dead for it but they came around towards the end. Another successful couple of debuts I’d say.

Winner: Matthews got the win after a kick to the balls, 2nd rope Cutter and Swanton. Probably had it after the Cutter but get your shit in kid.


Match 3: Single


Notes and Opinion: Pat Monix got a taste of what the “Gatekeeper of IWA” had to offer and hung in there well. Shane is a fucking beast and if you can stay competitive with him you can with anyone. Pat is constantly improving so I think this thing would be even better in a rematch. Really good stuff from both men. Shane just had a little bit more in this one.

Winner: Shane got the win with the Moonsault and Battery.


Match 4: Single


Notes and Opinion: I say it every time but I’ll say it again, I think Justin Storm’s improvement has been awesome. He did a really good job with Jacobs in this match and was the type of opponent that was just right for him. Jacobs is a very unlikable heel and that’s a good thing to have around. I’m not sure I’m 100% behind the blue 1993 Triple H riding pants though. Decent showing from both fellas, that previous match was a hard one to follow.

Winner: Storm got the win with an Air Raid Crash.


Match 5: Single

REED “By God” BENTLEY vs “Husky Heartthrob” KODY RICE

Notes and Opinion: These two went out and beat the hell out of each other. I love that shit. Kody continues to show the IWA fans every time he shows up that he is more than a comedy guy, he’s a fucking MAN that will fight your ass. Reed is awesome of course and this type of thing is right up his alley. This is the type of match that should be on every single show, a hard nosed battle between two tough guys. Hell of a showing by both athletes. Loved it.

Winner: Reed got the win with a rolling elbow.

  • In a shocking turn of events REED BENTLEY  cuts another promo after the match. He puts over Kody in a big way. Class Move. (Reason number 46 why Reed rules, he loves to hear himself talk more than me.)


Match 6: Triple Threat

LOGAN JAMES vs “Leader of the Pack” STEPHEN WOLF vs MENACE

Notes and Opinion: The crowd was behind MENACE in a big way during this one. The guy won their hearts back at the tryout show and kept them. Hell of a showing by all 3 guys though. That last match was a barn burner and these three went out and followed that shit with another good one. Wolf was awesome, hadn’t seen him before but he impressed the hell out of me. Menace we’ve already discussed but the guy is a talented veteran that would be everywhere if there was justice in this world. Logan is a future damn star and no less of than authority than Michael Elgin told me that. That’s some serious hype right there. Great match and all three men deserve kudos.

Winner: Logan got the win with the pop up Lungblower on Wolf.



“Duke of Hardcore” JOHN WAYNE MURDOCH vs “Born Bad” JC ROTTEN

Notes and Opinion: This thing turned into a blood feud really quickly and it certainly flowed in this one. One side of the ring had a barbwire wall set up, there were light tubes hanging everywhere, lit tubes in the ring, a table made of tubes not to mention the normal IWA plunder under the ring. This barbaric match had to push the endurance and will to survive in both these athletes. They used everything at their disposal to try and destroy their opponent. The crowd was deeply into this thing and not a person was sitting down after the first minute of the match. At one point both men went through the barb wire wall and damn near killed themselves. It was a spectacle. I personally think of all the matches I’ve seen him in, that this was JC Rotten’s finest performance. JWM was amazing as well. I’m not a huge Deathmatch guy but I’ll be damned if the story didn’t suck me in. I love this entire card and respect everyone’s work but this was the match of the night in a fucking walk. God bless these two crazy bastards. I don’t usually (never, I don’t rate matches) do this but I’ll make an exception this one time *****.

Winner: No one really…it was a double pin after a Neckbreaker off a ladder through a table made of light tubes and chairs. 


Overall Thoughts:  Awesome show. From top to bottom these people worked their asses off. The last three matches alone were worth the money you paid to get in. That main event was something special and as soon as that DVD/Blueray drops? Pick that son of a bitch up. Spectacular. 


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