Last night I plunked down my $5.99 to my cable company to see a movie by those maniacs at the Asylum. Yes, the same Asylum that has brought you the Sharknado series, low budget ripoffs of big budget films and more naked breasts than you can shake a stick at. (Not sure what kind of pleasure you would derive from that but I don’t really know your sexual preferences.)

Speaking of breasts, this one did not have a single set in it. (Although there was a girl barely wearing a shirt RIGHT THERE.) It did however feature some crazy ass ghosts, a terrible airline crew and an interesting turn of events. Let’s take a look at some of the cast and crew before I give my thoughts on this wild ass movie.

Director: Rob Pallatina

Writing: Jacob Cooney, Brandon Stroud

Main Cast: Jesse James D’Angelo, Sharon Desiree, Liz Fenning

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Official Trailer right over here.

Summary: We start out seeing what appears to be a mass murder and then immediately shoot up to an airplane flying overhead. The crew of our flight is introduced (Stewardess, Other guy, Rookie Pilot and Grizzled veteran pilot.) as well as some of the other people that we need to care about in this flick. A couple on their way back from an introduction to some parents. A military man on his way home to see his family (that I have seen in some of the giant animal movies the Asylum cranks out). A Billy Idol looking dude, that is clearly on drugs and is the first to get all haunted and crazy. The aforementioned girl with large breasts that adds little else to the movie and the Air Marshall that is not good at his job.

Billy Idol is not doing well with the storm that surrounds the plane from the beginning and starts getting more and more crazy. He hadn’t endeared himself to the crew or fellow passengers at all when he freaks out after seeing a ghost and ends up being sedated and tied up by our Air Marshall with no cuffs.

Tank top chick is the next to start having issues as she gets locked in the bathroom and harassed by a ghost chick in the mirror. The Air Marshall is finally able to get her out of the bathroom (thank God they had the standard issue pry bar on the plane) and shockingly believes her a bit more than Billy Idol.

After that everybody starts having some ghost related issues. From head stewardess chick to relationship girl they all had their flight ruined with specters and bad airline food. Once everyone starts to agree that maybe this ghost thing is a problem, they all start a massive Scooby Doo investigation as to who and or what, is causing the haunted plane.

In the end we finally figure out who and why they are having all of these issues and everyone mostly gets what they deserve and live happily ever after. Except maybe not the Air Marshall…that mother fucker is fired folks. He is awful.

An Idiot’s Opinion: As far as Asylum movies go this was pretty good. The plot wasn’t as ridiculous as some of these (although in some spots it gets a little on the ridiculous side, to be expected really) and the acting was decent. The movie itself even looked pretty good unless the showed the outside of the plane (when they did that it looked like every other Asylum movie). The people on the plane actually sounded like human beings for a lot of the film which is hard to pull off when making a ridiculous ass ghost movie. I’d say overall this could be considered a success considering the company that made it. It’s not something I would have paid to see in a theater, but just sitting around the house enjoying a beer it was pretty good.

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